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Road Saw Hire (Concrete Cutters)

When it comes to road cutting saws our road saw hire service provides the whole lot. Also referred to as con and slab saws, they are extremely powerful tools when it comes to road cutting. There are quite a few types of handheld road cutters that are perfectly apt for cutting various concrete applications however for larger job types walk behind road cutting saws are used. The benefit of theses is continuous straight cuts which eliminates the need for the repetition of shorter cuts.

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Powerful Road Cutting Applications

Road saw cutting is necessary when the contractor requires a clean edge through the surface to minimise the risk of creating cracks or damage to the surrounding area. We have a range of road saws for hire.


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Rhino Road Cutting Saws 

  • From 350 mm or 450 mm makes
  • Built in reservoir or water hose connection 
  • Blades available for sale
  • High powered
  • Small. medium or large heavy duty
  • Continuous cutting
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