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Rhino Digger Hire Service provides a variety of machines, ranging from self-drive micro and mini diggers to larger excavators operated by skilled drivers.

Opt for a 3/4 to 1 ton digger rental and experience a machine equipped with an impressive operating system, featuring a retractable undercarriage, user-friendly piloting controls, pattern change valve, and more. Perfect for navigating confined work-spaces.

Explore our extensive selection of heavier diggers available for rent, suitable for a wide range of projects.



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For both household tasks and extensive construction projects, compact excavators and large diggers play a crucial role in domestic and construction site operations. These versatile machines are regularly employed for a variety of purposes, including excavating foundations and holes, creating trenches, handling general domestic and industrial clearance, engaging in forestry activities, and even dredging rivers and streams.

Our inventory boasts a diverse selection of diggers, encompassing various sizes, weights, models, and specifications. With the capability for same-day delivery in certain cases, we also extend our services nationwide. Whether you require the convenience of micro and mini self-drive digger rentals or the power of larger heavy excavators, we have your needs comprehensively addressed.

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