Digger Hire

Small Medium & Large Digger Hire 

Rhino digger hire service offers a range of machines from self drive micro & mini diggers to larger driver operated excavators. Hire a 3/4 to 1 ton digger and get a machine that delivers an impressive operating system including a contractible undercarriage, simple piloting controls, pattern change valve and much more. Ideal for confined working spaces.

Our range of heavier diggers for hire is expansive. We have machinery for most types of projects.

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Weather for home usage or large construction usage, mini diggers and large excavators are a regular feature in the domestic and construction site sector. They have a multi purpose range from foundation and hole digging, trench making, general purpose domestic and industrial clearing, forestry work and even river and stream dredging.

Our stock consists of a wide range of digger sizes, weight; models & specification. In some cases we can provide you with same day delivery plus we also offer a nationwide service. From micro & mini self drive digger hire to larger heavy excavator hire, we have got you covered.


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Rhino 3/4 Ton Micro & Mini Digger Hire

Our 3/4 to 1 ton mini diggers offer the user a great mix of unit power and practical functionality.

  • A Retractable Undercarriage  – This means the machine can travel through the average doorway and areas where access is limited
  • A Very Short Tail Swing – This accommodates working in confined spaces eliminating rear tail swinging impacts
  • The Boom and Arm – Provision for much greater operation range
  • Traction & Force – Powerful momentum, movement and turning capabilities in varied operating conditions


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