Conduit Rod Hire

Extremely Strong & Nimble Maneuverability

Wire Fishing Cable Rod Hire For Multi Application’s

Rhino conduit rods hire service provides the user with an extremely cost effective solution when it comes to cable fishing applications. These rods are widely used in cable and pipe pulling which can also be utilised for pipe & CCTV cleaning. The conduit rods we hire are provided with a standing frame offering ease of handling and stability.

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Conduit Ducting Rods

Hire our conduit rods for a cost effective solution to fishing cables under installation applications and where the location of blockages and damaged pipes is necessary in a labor saving fashion.


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Rhino Conduit Rods  

  • Effective cable installation
  • Lightweight maneuverability
  • Ideal for wiring on multi stories
  • Locate breaks and damages using sonde 
  • Threading through pipes


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