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Metal Detector Hire

Rhino metal detector hire services are favored by groundwork contracting professionals and treasure hunting enthusiasts alike. Metal detectors are used to locate lost or hidden objects in the ground such as stopcocks and manhole covers, concrete steel reinforcement rods, road surface rebars, valve heads, pipe works and fuel tanks etc.

We also hire beach metal detectors to enthusiasts who like to scour for blurred gems and treasures.

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Beach Metal Detectors Manhole & Stopcock Metal Detectors

For the treasure seeker we hire beach metal detectors that far outstrips any of their competitors. For the professional we hire Ground metal detectors that locate manhole covers and stopcocks for water work engineers. We have a range of metal detecting equipment to choose from to suit various applications. If you are unsure which would best match your needs just get in touch, we are happy to help.

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